Zijin: “Jama” is not closed, works at shafts halted BECAUSE of NOISE

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    Zijin: “Jama” is not closed, works at shafts halted BECAUSE of NOISE

    The company Zijin Copper Serbia has announced that, based on the order of the mining inspectorate, it suspended the construction of new ventilation shafts for the “Jama” mine due to noise, and it will respond in accordance with the petitions of the citizens living near the place where those shafts will be built.

    “Zijin stopped the preparatory works primarily due to the noise that bothers the locals, since the works are carried out above the ground, while the exploitation of copper ore in the ‘Jama’ mine has continued without interruptions deep underground,” it is stated in the press release.

    Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, has said that, at the end of March, the competent mining inspector ordered the suspension of all mining activities on the construction of three ventilation shafts, a service shaft and the excavation in the “Jama” mine of the Zijin Copper company.

    Preparatory works on the construction of new ventilation shafts for the mine, as it is stated, have no direct connection with the mining in “Jama”, because the mining does not endanger anyone.

    “We have to protect from noise the families living near the ventilation shafts that need to be built,” said Zijin’s director Gian Siming.

    He added that the shafts were being placed near populated areas, and that it was, therefore, important to talk to people and ask in the “door to door” campaign what the company could do for them, without endangering them in any way.

    It is added that Zijin, in order to obtain better air circulation in Bor’s “Jama” mine, needs to build a new service shaft and three ventilation shafts.

    The delegation of the Bor Copper Mine, within which the “Jama” mine operates, is already talking, as it is pointed out, with the representatives of local communities, on whose territories only towers for ventilation shafts have been set up, which should be built in the future.

    Since the beginning of 2019 until the end of 2020, Zijin invested around 700 million dollars in a joint project with the Government of Serbia, of which almost 75 million were invested in ecology and safety at work.

    An investment of an additional US$20 million is planned in these areas of work in 2021-2022.

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