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    Ingo Volf, direktor Instituta za osmijum u Nemačkoj

    Ingo Wolf, Director of Osmium Institute Germany: Osmium Revolutionizes the Precious Metals Market

    Precious metal markets are known as being unchanging, traditional, and exalted by seasoned veterans of tangible asset investment strategy. The mindset of longtime precious metal investors is as resilient to corrosion as the noble metals themselves. Yet despite the wisdom of using precious metals as a means of protecting one’s wealth, it is hard to make an argument against the benefits of being open-minded to new opportunities.

    When deciding on an investment strategy, it is easy to stick with what one knows and what one is comfortable with. After all, change can mean effort and risk. One investment that is proof of the worthiness of thinking outside the box of the traditional precious metal investor mentality is osmium. In the precious metal market, it is exactly what many have been waiting for.

    Osmium disk

    Osmium disk

    For one, osmium is unforgeable. This means that it is impossible to create counterfeit osmium, no matter the method. It has the highest value density of all precious metals. One can transport high monetary values in minuscule volumes.  And perhaps most notably, the world’s supply of osmium is dwindling fast. It is becoming apparent that osmium deposits in the Earth’s crust could run out within a few decades.

    To understand why these facts are so crucial to osmium’s significance as a tangible asset investment, we need only look at the two most comparable markets: Gold and diamonds.

    How rare is gold, really? An estimated 205,000 metric tons of gold have been mined, refined, and distributed around the world. Bullish gold bugs shill unverified claims that a mere 50,000 metric tons are left to be mined in the world. While gold is rare, these figures are immediately questioned when one considers the gold deposits being discovered on a near-daily basis in Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Africa. Some of these reserves hold a massive amount of gold that isn’t even taken into an account in current gold reserve estimates. Estimates also only take high-grade gold deposits into account – that is, ore deposits with a level of gold per ton. If one were to consider lower-grade deposits, the amount of available gold multiples by several degrees. On top of it all, gold prices for the latter half of the year have been dropping despite several concurrent financial crises around the world.

    By comparison, osmium is the clear winner in the rarity contest. The figures are tiny: just over a mere 20 tons of osmium are estimated to be extractable. This rarity adds to osmium’s intrinsic value. Its growing use in jewelry and luxury timepiece manufacturing only adds to its demand.

    And what about diamonds? The precious stones are treated as a valuable store of value as well as jewelry adornments. But let us shed light on the diamond market. There has been a contest for years between natural mined diamonds and the burgeoning man-made diamond industry. One group is drilling deep holes in the Earth, while the other produces diamonds cheaply and effectively in a lab with increasing quality. DeBeers’ sales have plummeted to 1.1 million carats, a 91 percent drop, a figure not too hard to fathom when one considers that the material used to create manmade diamonds, carbon, is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. With every breath, we exhale carbon in the form of CO2. The raw resource effectively costs nothing. The market for mined diamonds is now being propped up by the notion that a diamond – regardless of its quality and size – is inherently more valuable if it comes from a hole in the ground. To the naked eye, the sparkle of a mined diamond is identical to that of a manmade diamond.

    The argument for osmium’s use in lieu of diamonds is impossible to ignore. The crystalline surface of osmium sparkles even more radiantly than a diamond. Because of its shape, crystalline osmium is a perfect replacement for the diamond carpet or pave, which consists of the labor of assembling many small, inexpensive stones, not in the material itself. Analysis and certification of osmium using its crystalline structure mean that there can be no dispute about its authenticity or origin. This remains true whether osmium is used on its own as an investment metal or used as a unique inlay in jewelry.


    There are eight precious metals in the periodic table. Seven have been introduced into the market and these seven are already known in Serbia. The eighth precious metal, osmium, possesses some exceptional characteristics. which makes even long-time investors in gold or silver sit up and take notice. In conversations about ways to insure one’s wealth – a hot topic around Europe and the rest of the world – osmium is now becoming a game-changer. The metal, with the highest value density of all precious metals on Earth, fetches a price 30 times greater than gold.

    Osmium diamonds

    Osmium diamonds

    The new Osmium Institute for the Marketing and Certification of Osmium in Serbia imports certified crystalline osmium. Manufactured in Switzerland and certified in Germany, the metal is distributed exclusively through the regional market by the new institute. The Serbian partner – Insignitus Gold is also tasked with informing interested parties and the press about standardized crystalline osmium. Serbia now works in association with 30 other international institutes.

    We are talking about the last, most fascinating, and safest precious metal.”

    And we are talking about security:

    Each piece of osmium is registered in the Osmium World Database. This procedure is also in the interest of the customer for the possible resale of osmium. Only registered customers can easily resell to another private customer by disclosing the Osmium-Identification-Code and entering the Owner-Change-Code.

    The promotion of multi-client online shops and physical outlets takes place simultaneously around the globe. In each country, and in Serbia as well, a team at the local institute works with financial magazines and lifestyle publications to increase awareness of the metal and its growing market.

    Osmium, as the rarest metal in its crystalline form, has the potential to become a kind of barter currency. In the case of osmium obtainability, we are not actually talking about a shortage or the search for new deposits and mines, but rather about probable unavailability that has never occurred with any other element. This has caused it to gain special significance in the real asset investor sector.

    Osmium is valued and acquired by tangible asset investors primarily because of its high-value density and its absolute unforgeability. Precious metal is a long-term tangible investment that is easily transportable and usually stays in a safe for many years.

    Fields of activity for the Osmium Institutes:

    *The distribution of osmium

    *Providing information about osmium

    *Research about osmium

    *The drafting of publications about osmium

    *The certification of osmium

    *The market introduction of osmium

    *The commissioning of the cutting of osmium for jewelry applications

    *The support of wholesale partners

    *The sale of osmium in its crystalline form

    *Enabling the running of retail outlets for partners

    *The operation of online shops

    *Quality check for processing and products ready for distribution

    *Finding new sales partners and affiliate sales partners

    *The training of market makers on the osmium market

    Who is Osmium For?

    When osmium trading began, the typical buyer was the ambitious private individual who wanted to be there at the start of a new real investment opportunity. Today, the buyer type is different. Osmium is made available for everyone regardless of budget. One can get Osmium-Squares for a few hundred euros or purchase family office boxes with values of over 10 million euros.

    UNE sat osmijumom

    UNE watch

    If you have lost faith in cash, want to bequeath a tangible asset with a high-value density, want to hold values in transportable tangible assets, or want to get out of gold or BTC investments, osmium is the right choice.

    Osmium has significant market advantages and unique selling points:

    *A limited resource

    *The last precious metal to be introduced to the market

    *Absolutely unforgeable

    *Has beauty and elegance as product features

    *Sold with perfect displays and packaging

    *Purchasable using gold and cryptocurrencies

    *Exchangeable for other precious metals

    *Made in Switzerland and certified in Germany

    *Secured through electronic certificates

    *Not traded on a stock exchange; no “paper osmium” on the market

    If you want to find out more about osmium, simply call the local institute in Serbia. You are also welcome to meet a local dealer and hold osmium in your hand to watch it sparkle in the sunlight.

    For jewelers, manufacturers, and goldsmiths, the opportunity is now also given to produce the first osmium jewelry in the country. One may take advantage of the extraordinary attention that osmium jewelry enjoys on the world stage of exclusive jewelry. Manufacturers such as Ulysse Nardin, Hublot, and UNE, among many other timepiece manufacturers, are already working with this unique metal.

    The hypothetical moment the available osmium runs out has already been dubbed the Osmium Big Bang. It refers to the point at which the demand for crystalline osmium will massively exceed the outgoing supply. The price of osmium will then probably experience strong changes. There are also great opportunities for collectors and investors to take advantage of the early market entry before osmium runs out one day soon.

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