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    Inflation already “ate up” increase in minimum wage

    The Alliance of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia (SSSS) will request from the Social and Economic Council (SES) to discuss the increase in the minimum wage for this year, after the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia communicates the prices and value of the minimum consumer basket for January, said Secretary of the Council of SSSS, Zoran Mihajlovic.

    He told the Beta agency that it was agreed with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic in December that the „minimum wage“ would be discussed again at the beginning of this year.

    „The minimum consumer basket in December cost more than RSD 50,000 and, already at that time, it exceeded the minimum wage for this year, which will amount to just over RSD 40,000. This means that the minimum wage was out of step with the value of the minimum consumer basket already in December,“ Mihajlovic said.

    He added that workers did not even experience the increase in wages because it was “eaten up” by inflation, and that the situation would be even worse after the January price hike in electricity, gas and other products.

    An employer, as he said, must pay workers if he or she wants to keep them from going abroad.

    400,000 workers receive minimum wage

    According to president of the Trade Union UGS „Nezavisnost“, Cedanka Andric, even if inflation stops during the year, prices will not go down. “The consumer basket continues to exceed the minimum wage, which is earned by a lot of people in utility services, the judiciary, education, culture…”, Andric said.

    Andric pointed out that for ten years, the state had claimed that about 350,000 people worked for the minimum wage in Serbia, but that this number was certainly higher, namely the number 400,000 is often mentioned.

    “The median salary, which is RSD 57,810, best shows the situation in the salary segment, as this means that half of the total number of employees work for a salary lower than RSD 57,810 dinars,” Andic said.

    Izvor: Beta

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