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    In Serbia, 1,175 adverse reactions to the vaccine – one in 6,000

    Since the beginning of vaccination against coronavirus, 1,175 side effects have been reported in Serbia, most of which were expected, said Jadranka Mirkovic of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS).

    „Until yesterday, we had about 1,175 reports, which is approximately one in six to seven thousand administered doses, depending on the time interval in which we monitor those statistics,“ said Mirkovic, adding that about seven million doses of the vaccines had been administered so far.

    According to her, the most commonly reported side effects are those that are expected and that occur at the site of application of the vaccine, such as pain, redness and swelling, followed by the expected weakness, fever and headache.

    „What is very important is that more than 70 percent of these reactions pass spontaneously, with or without applied therapy. When we say therapy, we mean analgesics and antipyretics, drugs that we normally have at home and we can use them to lower high temperature or for muscle pain, or weakness,“ said Mirkovic.

    Based on the reports they have received so far, she ruled out the possibility that the vaccination itself was connected with a fatal outcome.

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