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    IMLEK: No permanent milk shortage, wholesale purchases reduced due to drought

    The IMLEK company has said that the production of raw milk in Serbia has been reduced due to rising costs, primarily due to the increase in animal feed, which was the cause of reduced purchases from producers, but that there is no permanent shortage of milk.

    „There is no reason to worry that there will be a permanent shortage of milk,“ it is stated in a response to Beta agency’s questions about whether the purchase of milk has been reduced, why the purchase price has not increased for years above 40-50 dinars per liter, while Imlek’s products in stores are increasing in price.

    IMLEK replied through the PR agency that „the disturbance on the milk market occurred as a result of the drought and the increase in the price of animal feed“, but that „it is by no means in dimensions that jeopardize the continuous supply of milk and milk products to the Serbian market“.

    „The alleged shortages are partly caused by increased demand and purchases due to rumours that there will be no milk,“ IMLEK said.

    IMLEK, considered the largest dairy industry company in Serbia with two production facilities, is a regional company that operates in both BiH and North Macedonia, where it has one dairy, and it also operates in Montenegro.

    It buys milk from thousands of cooperative farmers throughout the region. The company, which has been around for more than six decades, has more than 200 dairy products.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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