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    Dean of the Faculty of Biology: Serbia imports bumblebees and exports bees

    Dean and professor of the Faculty of Biology, Ljubisa Stanisavljevic, says it is no surprise that among the insects imported by Serbia, there are bumblebees because they are a very useful group of bees.

    „Few people know that bumblebees are also bees,“ Stanisavljevic told N1 TV, explaining that the main reasons for importing bumblebees commercially produced by two companies in Europe are pollinating tomatoes in greenhouses, as well as pollinating blueberries.

    Stanisavljevic pointed out that it was obvious that the production of tomatoes and blueberries in Serbia had grown, and that it was not surprising that the number of bumblebee hives imported into Serbia had increased.

    Serbia, he added, also has its own bumblebees, but we have not mastered bumblebee production technology, which implies that we must have the appropriate conditions to have the nests ready throughout the year to distribute to the market.

    According to the professor, bumblebees are active from early spring to late autumn, and tomatoes are constantly on the market, even in winter conditions.

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