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    Higher scholarships and loans for pupils and students: From RSD 8,400 to RSD 13,000

    Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia Branko Ruzic has signed the decision on the increase of scholarships and loans for pupils and students, which are paid from the budget of the Ministry. 

    „The amount of student loans and scholarships has increased and instead of the previous RSD 8,400 dinars, students will receive RSD 13,000 a month,“ Ruzic said, adding that this financial support was an additional incentive for further education and „one of the indicators of how much Serbia invests in youth education“.

    He also announced that the amount of scholarships and loans for pupils would also be increased, and pupils would receive RSD 8,100 instead of RSD 5,400.

    For one student, from the budget of the Ministry, RSD 130,000 will be paid annually for these purposes, and students will receive a total of RSD 81,000 annually, the Ministry said in a statement.

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