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    Here’s Serbia 2025 plan: Investments EUR 14 bn, salaries EUR 900…

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic have presented a plan for the future of „Serbia 2025“, which involves investing „nearly 14 billion euros“ and raising the average salary to 900 euros. Slightly less than EUR 14 billion will be invested in projects, from the budget and the loans of international financial institutions. President Vucic promised that if all the reforms were implemented in 2025, an average salary would be 900 euros and an average pension between 430 and 440 euros. He stressed that young people were a priority and that EUR 700 million would be invested in them to stay in the country. The key items of the plan for the future are regional integration, deepening the financial market, education reform, empowering public enterprises and sustainable economy, the prime minister said. Speaking about regional integration, the Prime Minister highlighted an initiative called „mini Schengen“, which she said would give access to a larger market. „The full implementation of ‘mini Schengen’ could have an impact on the increase in growth of 0.5 to 0.7 percent,“ Brnabic said. Explaining the plan to deepen the financial market, the PM pointed out that Serbia needed a more liberal legal framework that would enable the inflow of more money in Serbia’s economy. One of the key reforms – education, „victims“ of reforms are government and directors, not citizens, 500 for energy, 500 for youth, plus 200 million, roads, railway, tourism…

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