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    We will give DOZENS of millions of euros to taxi drivers

    Taxi drivers who buy a new car next year can count on EUR 8,000 in state grants, and the condition is to buy a vehicle at a price of at least EUR 13,000, electric, hybrid, running on compressed natural gas or with a Euro 6 engine, the Vecernje Novosti daily reports. In order not to repay the granted money, they must continue to use that particular vehicle for taxi services for at least three years, and in the upcoming year, grants for up to 6,000 taxi drivers will be provided from the budget. The Government of Serbia has adopted the Decree on the terms and method of subsidizing the procurement of passenger vehicles for the purpose of renewing the fleet of taxi transportation, as a means of public transport, which will be implemented by the end of 2020. Taxi drivers that have been engaged in this business for at least one year before the date the government decree enters into force are entitled to grants. Taxi drivers can use the amount of EUR 8,000 as a deposit for a special purpose loan, financial leasing or payment of a part of the purchase price, provided they have no tax debt. By simple calculation, the total amount spent by the state for the „renewal“ of the taxi fleet will reach whopping EUR 48 million.

    Izvor: Beta, Novosti

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