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    Happy TAX FREEDOM DAY: As of today we only work for ourselves

    Dear citizens, we wish you happy Serbia’s tax freedom day! As of today, May 28th, we have stopped working for state and we started working only for ourselves and our families. To this day we worked in order to pay income tax, social contributions for mandatory pension and health insurance, VAT, and excises when purchasing products, property tax for houses and apartments in which we live, as well as other smaller taxes, fees and charges. Each country has its own special National Tax Freedom Day. When it comes to countries of the region, Croatians work for their country almost one month more than us, Bulgarians are working two weeks and Romanians and Macedonians almost a month less. On the other hand Albanians work less than 4 months for their country.

    Izvor: Libertarijanski Klub Libek

    Foto: Pixabay

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