Half a billion euros for weapons

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    Half a billion euros for weapons

    This year, the Ministry of Defence of Serbia will spend almost half a billion euros on the purchase of weapons and military equipment.

    Defence Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic has said that these are defensive weapons and that, as he pointed out, Serbia is not threatening anyone but wants to modernize its army.

    Among the weapons that are being procured is the Russian anti-tank system Kornet, which hits a target at eight kilometres, and no one in the region, as the president of Serbia was recently told, has such a combat weapon. The Kornet is also the latest reinforcement of the Serbian Army, which has significantly modernized its weapons in the last few years, and, according to the minister of defence, that will not stop.

    “We are not racing with anyone, we are investing as much as we think is necessary for our country,” Stefanovic said.

    This year alone, half a billion euros, i.e. 44 percent of the military budget, will be spent on the purchase of weapons and military equipment from abroad.

    Izvor: Euronews

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