Greece ADDITIONALLY RELAXES corona measure from June 12, here is what is changing

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    Greece ADDITIONALLY RELAXES corona measure from June 12, here is what is changing

    Due to the stabilization of the epidemiological situation, new measures will start to apply in Greece on June 12, such as shortening curfew and allowing music in open parts of facilities, Greek portals report.

    According to Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, the obligation to wear masks is still in force, but other restrictions will be lifted.

    From Saturday, June 12, music will be allowed in parts of the outdoor catering facilities that are intended for guests that are seating.

    The duration of the curfew in Greece has also been shortened. From Saturday, June 12, the curfew will last from 1.30 to 5 o’clock local time.

    Hardalias also announced that the curfew would most likely be cancelled from July 1, if the current epidemiological situation allowed it.

    “We know very well that any of our negligence can be fatal for many others. But we also know very well how we can deal with it, how to protect ourselves and everything around us. Observing the sanitary measures and protocols, which have been our shield since the first day of the pandemic, through the vaccination program and the creation of collective immunity, we will be able to leave this unprecedented situation behind,” Hardalias added.

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