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    Government to extend regulation on bread price, otherwise a loaf would cost RSD 80

    At the next session, the Government of Serbia will extend the validity of the Regulation on mandatory production and distribution of bread for two more months.

    This means that the „sava“ bread loafs will continue to be sold over the next 60 days at the price of RSD 53.50, Euronews Serbia has learned in the Government of Serbia. Namely, the Regulation on the price of bread isvalid until October 7.

    President of the Union of Bakeries of Serbia, Zoran Pralica, says for Euronews Serbia that by August the price was RSD 46, pointing out that today a loaf of „sava“ bread would have cost at least RSD 80, if the state had not subsidized its production.

    „The Government of Serbia  gives flour at subsidized prices of RSD 33 per kilogram and thus helps producers to market bread at RSD 53.50, otherwiseit could not possibly cost that much. This price of bread is only valid thanks to the state that helped, otherwise it would not be worth producing it anyone,“ says Pralica.

    He notes that the regulation on the price of „sava“ bread is being extended at the monthly level, adding that he expects that there will be no increase in price in October and November. Other bakery products, according to Pralica, have risen in price by about 30% in the past six months.

    Izvor: Euronews

    Foto: Pixabaz

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