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    Inflation is RAMPANT, but there is a solution: We asked why people should invest in GOLD

    Gold is one of the first metals that people have begun to process, and the oldest gold ornamental jewellery has been found in the Balkans.

    In the cultures of many nations, gold still has a special place in customs, giving and preserving values. On the other hand, if we talk about finance, it can be a matter of investment.

    Investing in gold will surely secure your savings from inflation

    This is, among other things, the business area of Tavex, which has been trading precious physical metals and foreign currencies since 1991.

    “Since ancient times, gold and silver have been coins for exchanging money. Gold and silver coins have been used all the time for trade. Even nowadays, central banks use gold as protection and each country has its own „gold reserves“. After abolishing the gold standard, the only way to protect ourselves from the policy of constant money printing is to keep our savings in gold. There are also other high-value metals, such as platinum or palladium, but these are different types of metals, which are not recognised by the international banking system and the central banking community as monetary reserve assets,“ says  company manager for the Serbian market Georgi Hristov.

    He said the demand for investment in gold had been growing, especially in the last few years. Every year, more and more people are moving their funds to „the gold paradise“, due to the high inflation and the events we are facing.

    “People, when investing, are looking for the safest solution – and that is gold. We notice an increasing demand for investment gold in Serbia,“ Hristov added.

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