Government of Serbia adopts Bill on Protection of Cyrillic Alphabet

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    Government of Serbia adopts Bill on Protection of Cyrillic Alphabet

    The Government of Serbia has adopted the Bill on Use of Language in Public Life and Protection and Preservation of Cyrillic Alphabet, which regulates the use of the Serbian language and measures for the protection of the Cyrillic alphabet as the native alphabet, the Ministry of Culture and Information has stated.

    “The Bill defines the establishment of additional measures aimed at cultivating the Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet, as well as cultural and traditional values, and the wider use of the Cyrillic alphabet in public life, given the historical, cultural and identity significance of this alphabet,” the statement reads.

    The Bill stipulates the expansion of the circle of entities that are obliged to use the Cyrillic alphabet, i.e. all the entities that operate or perform activities with a majority share of public capital.

    Incentive measures aimed at the private sector are also prescribed, i.e. an establishment of tax and other administrative reliefs for entities that decide to use the Cyrillic alphabet in their work and business operations.

    It also stipulates that cultural and other events, which are financed or co-financed from public funds, must have a logo written in the Cyrillic alphabet, in keeping with the regulations according to which they are organised.

    A special Government Council for the Serbian language will be established, “which will monitor and analyse from a professional point of view the situation in the field of the use of the Serbian language in public life and the implementation of measures to protect and preserve the Cyrillic alphabet as the native alphabet and propose recommendations, suggestions and measures for improvement of the situation”.

    According to the press release, the Bill was submitted to the Serbian Parliament for adoption.

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