First vaccines "Made in Serbia": HALF A MILLION of "Sputnik V" vaccines from Torlak approved

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    First vaccines “Made in Serbia”: HALF A MILLION of “Sputnik V” vaccines from Torlak approved

    Last night, the Gamaleya Institute approved for use 550,000 “Sputnik V” vaccines, produced in Torlak by August 13, said Minister without Portfolio Nenad Popovic.

    Nenad Popovic said for RTS that the vaccines were of the same quality as the vaccines produced in Russia.

    “The Gamaleya Institute approved last night the use of 550,000 doses of ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine, which were produced in Torlak by August 13. Eighteen parameters were inspected according to the highest international standards and all of them showed exceptional results – the vaccines are completely of the same quality as the ones produced in Russia,” Popovic said, adding that 960 samples were checked according to all the international standards.

    As he says, vaccines are ready for use.

    “We have 550,000 vaccines (275,000 vaccines of component 1 and 275,000 vaccines of component 2) ready for use here in Serbia, with the label “Made in Serbia,” he said.

    Speaking about the export of vaccines, he explained that the decision on this would be reached by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

    “We need to arrange with our Russian partners to which countries we will export them. We need to get from them an export approval, so that we do not export to the same markets. But I am sure that for Republika Srpska, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for our neighbours, we will certainly have sufficient quantities of the vaccine,” Popovic said.

    Production of four million doses is planned by the end of this year, and the Minister explains that we have the capacities to do so.

    Izvor: RTS

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