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    “Get your hands off of Old Sava Bridge, man”

    Architect Dragoljub Bakic has told new minister of construction, transport and infrastructure, Goran Vesic, not to mislead the public telling them that the Old Sava Bridge has already been dismantled once last century.

    „The zealousness with which the state and city authorities insist on the demolition of the Old Sava Bridge is confusing. I look at this new minister, waving some record from the 1960s that mentions Branko Pesic and how the bridge was supposedly dismantled. It was dismantled, but within the process of bridge repair. This is a scam, because they want to convince the citizens that Branko Pesic wanted to demolish the bridge. No, he was a bridge builder, and these are bridge destructors,“ Bakic said, telling Vesic not to abuse the record.

    Bakic recalled that in 2007 it was also thoroughly repaired, when the entire structure was cleaned.

    “If those who live in Belgrade Waterfront towers are bothered by the rattling of the bridge, it can be repaired. Today, there are materials that can reduce such rattling,“ Bakic said.

    “There is a lot of nonsense that the government has done in these 10 years, nothing capital has been done. We have not repaired any tunnels… The one who is thinking of demolishing a bridge without making another one is not normal,“ he stressed, adding,

    “Take care, citizens of Belgrade, otherwise, as they have taken 110 hectares of the most beautiful land from you, will you let them steal this one as well? I can only say, take your hands off of the Old Sava Bridge,“ he stressed.

    Izvor: Nova S

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