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    School yards in Pozarevac modernized with NIS’s support

    Within the Common Cause Community program, NIS has modernized the school yards in Lucica, Poljane and Prugovo in Pozarevac, with the installation of 39 solar lamps and three smart benches.

    This project, worth four million dinars, will contribute not only to saving electricity, but also to increasing the safety of school facilities, yards and property. Smart benches in school yards will allow students to recharge their mobile phones and tablets from renewable resources, which will also affect the development of their environmental awareness.

    The new lighting in the school yards will provide considerable savings in electricity, compared to the old worn-out reflectors that were extremely big consumers. This LED lighting with smart benches powered by solar energy will have a beneficial effect on the preservation of the environment.


    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: NIS

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