From Kraljevo to the world: Morava International Airport OPENED (PHOTO)

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    From Kraljevo to the world: Morava International Airport OPENED (PHOTO)

    In Ladjevci near Kraljevo, the airport “Morava” was opened for civil transport today, as the third international airport in Serbia – in addition to the airports in Belgrade and Nis. As officials said earlier, the airport reconstruction cost about EUR 8.5 million, and the airport will be prepared for the flights of the aircraft of the ATR and Boeing 737 type. The runway was extended by 65 meters, and the entire runway surface was asphalted, as well as the taxiway leading to the platform. The airport has 37 employees, mainly from Kraljevo and Cacak. They were trained in Nis, but they will have additional training to get official certificates. Until they get them, they will be supported by the staff of the Nis airport. The airport near Kraljevo, as previously announced by the competent ministry, will be of the mixed civil-military type, because the 98th Air Defence Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces will continue to use it. The Army calls the airport “Ladjevci”, while the name “Morava-Kraljevo” will be used for civil flights.

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