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    Black jeeps in Linglong and banned access to Vietnamese workers

    The non-governmental organization „Initiative A11“ (Initiative for Economic and Social Rights) announced today on its Twitter account that their representatives had been denied access to the Vietnamese workers in the Chinese factory Linglong in Zrenjanin.

    „Access to the Vietnamese workers has been banned, private security officers arrived, as well as ‘black jeeps’ and a lot of unknown persons who do not want to identify themselves and who are preventing access and conversation with the workers,“ reads the announcement of the Initiative.

    The ban on approaching workers in Linglong factory came after the representatives of the associations A11 (Initiative for Economic and Social Rights) and ASTRA (Action Against Human Trafficking) appealed for an urgent response from the competent institutions in case of potential human trafficking with the purpose of labor exploitation of the Vietnamese workers hired in the company Linglong in Zrenjanin.

    The A11 initiative states that there are concerns that these people will be prevented from contacting institutions and organizations that can provide them with assistance, and that they will be additionally isolated and potentially punished because they talked about working and accommodation conditions.

    „Urgent reaction of the authorities, return of passports, assurances that people are allowed to move freely and talk to the institutions and organizations that they want to talk to are necessary right now,“ it was emphasized in the Twitter post.

    The A11 initiative previously warned that based on the contact with the workers in the Linglong factory, they had come to the conclusion that the workers’ labor rights, as well as their health, were seriously violated. They added that having in mind the working and accommodation conditions, and potentially life, a large number of established facts indicated the possibility that the workers were victims of human trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation.

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