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    FREE ferry Kamenari – Lepetane until further notice, but only “Vasilije” works

    After the maritime transport company Pomorski saobracaj „tied“ all its ferries at midnight on February 18 after the contract was terminated, on the only ferry line Lepetani – Kamenari on the first day of the weekend there was only one ferry.

    The ferry „Vasilije“ will operate in all three shifts due to the „Acacia Days“ in Herceg Novi, however, its capacities cannot satisfy the high frequency route, so people were waiting for boarding for more than an hour.

    The public enterprise for the maritime domain management of Montenegro informs the public that the Kamenari-Lepetane ferry route will operate on the night between Saturday and Sunday, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. due to the „Acacia Days“ ceremony in Herceg Novi.

    From February 19, the ferry „Vasilije“ will operate in the period from 6 am to 10 pm.

    „Transport of passenger vehicles and passengers is free of charge in the period until the establishment of traffic at full capacity,“ Morsko dobro said.

    On Friday, the public company for the management of maritime domain unilaterally terminated the contract with the company „Pomorski saobracaj“, which suspended the line from midnight.

    Only a ferry that can accommodate 20 small vehicles operated

    Passengers and cars are transported only by the ferry “Vasilije” of the company YU Briv construction from Kotor, and the route was taken over by the company Morsko dobro, which organized free transport.

    The ferry can accommodate only about 20 small vehicles and vans, which is why crowds were created especially in Lepetane, where people were waiting for boarding for more than an hour. Traffic is regulated by the Municipal Police with an assistant of the police.

    Buses and trucks are diverted to an alternative route via Kotor.

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