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    Fiscal Council: RSD 14 BILLION more spent from the budget

    The annual report of the budget of Serbia for 2020 shows that the amount of RSD 14 billion more was spent through the budget reserve than what was published in the Official Gazettes, the Fiscal Council announced.

    The Fiscal Council, in its assessment of the Bill on the 2020 Annual Report, stated that decisions on the use of the current budget reserve were published during the year in the Official Gazette, often with generic and non-informative explanations.
    In addition, some payments from the budget reserve are not published in this document at all, the Fiscal Council stated.

    „Only in the Annual Report do we see that about 100 billion dinars were transferred (and spent) to the current reserve during 2020, while spending up to the level of 86 billion dinars was documented in the Official Gazettes,“ the Fiscal Council specified.

    It is added that as many as 41 uses of the budget reserve, with a total value of RSD 14 billion, i.e. more than EUR 110 million, are classified in the category of confidential documents, which is why the decision on use was not shown in real time.

    Although, as it is stated, the total amount of funds spent in this way can be determined from the Annual Report, there are no details about their final purpose, even in principle.

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