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    Drama on a flight from Belgrade: Lightning strikes Air Serbia plane

    Water polo players and the management of the „Jug“ club and passengers who were on the flight from Belgrade to Tivat, experienced a real drama after the plane was struck by lightning during landing, Croatian media report.

    According to the director of the club from Dubrovnik, Ognjen Krzic, everything happened on the Air Serbia plane, which was supposed to land in Tivat shortly after 2 pm on Sunday.

    The delegation of the „Jug“ club was returning from the match of the regional competition against Novi Beograd when a storm over the Montenegrin city caught the plane and started rocking it.

    According to the portal, the situation was the most dramatic during the landing attempt. The pilot was circling over the airport in Tivat and, at the moment when the wheels were supposed to touch the runway, lightning struck the plane, which caused panic among the passengers.

    „When the pilot realized that the situation got ‘out of control’, he started to take off from the runway, which we had almost touched. The plane rose to a certain height and we started circling above the airport, but the storm was throwing us terribly all the time. After half an hour of that horror, being thrown and falling, we started landing again and that is when the lightning struck the plane,“ says Krzic.

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