First post-election Vucic: Terribly angry about reserves, Serbia can be blackmailed

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    First post-election Vucic: Terribly angry about reserves, Serbia can be blackmailed

    President Aleksandar Vucic has said that Serbia is in an impossible position because it suffers pressures from all sides, but that it is still holding up and protecting itself.

    We are militarily but not politically neutral country, we are on the European path, the president told RTS TV, in the first post-election interview.

    In relation to the voting at the UN General Assembly, he stated that our initial decision was to abstain, but that in that case we would have been put under a lot of pressure from both sides.

    He explained that the EU had postponed the decision on the import of petroleum for 6 p.m., to see how Serbia voted on the suspension of Russia from the Human Rights Council at the UN General Assembly session, which began at 4 p.m.

    “They cannot blackmail me, but they are blackmailing the country,” the president noted.

    He pointed out that in the upcoming days, it would be decided whether we would be exempt from the petroleum sanction package and whether we would be able to import petroleum after May 15.

    “Due to the decision of the EU, which is such that we could import petroleum until May 15, from anywhere, but not afterwards, because Gazprom is the majority owner of NIS. We can import it, but at the price that is three times higher,” the president explained.

    Vucic reiterated several times that Serbia was the only country in Europe that did not impose any measure or sanction on Russia, it did not nationalize any Russian company, nor did it in any way sanction the families of Russian statesmen.

    Izvor: RTS

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