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    Finance Ministry publishes Draft Digital Assets Act

    The Ministry of Finance of Serbia has published the Draft Digital Assets Act on its website and it requested comments and suggestions.

    Minister Sinisa Mali said that „thanks to that Act, it will be easier for businessmen to finance their innovative ideas, and the possibility for improving liquidity and their inclusion in the digital asset market opens up.“

    „Digital assets“, also called „crypto-assets“ or „virtual assets“ are defined in the Draft Act as „a digital value record that can be digitally bought, sold, exchanged or transferred and that can be used as a means of exchange or for the purpose of investment“.

    The most famous example of a „digital asset“ in the world is „bitcoin“, and the most common technology used to create „digital assets“ is „blockchain technology“.

    Mali stated that the total value of digital assets in the world is estimated at more than 300 billion dollars.

    With the adoption of the new law, businessmen, according to the Ministry, will have more innovative opportunities for the development of their business, such as „issuing investment tokens in order to raise capital“ or launching platforms for the exchange of digital assets.

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