Fiat's workers at home on minimum wage, prospect – electric Panda 2023?

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    Fiat’s workers at home on minimum wage, prospect – electric Panda 2023?

    President of the Independent Trade Union of Fiat Plastic, Zoran Miljkovic, says that they have received unofficial information from the office of the Prime Minister of Serbia that the production of Fiat will remain here, and that electric models will be produced from 2023, most likely – Fiat Panda.

    “But these are all speculations, we are waiting for official information,” Miljkovic told N1 TV.

    “The president of Serbia announced that the prime minister would reveal the good news for Fiat, but that did not happen even though we expected it right before the elections. We only got this unofficial information,” Zoran Miljkovic said.

    He pointed out that there was no production at all these days and that there would be no production until April 12. “In April, only two to three working days are planned,” said Zoran Miljkovic.

    He added that the situation was very difficult, but that the prospects could still be bright.

    “Because labor force is cheap here, halls are new, business conditions are excellent, because it is well known that they do not pay for the consumption of energy products to our country. But it all seems grim for now, because there is no new model, no information, we only work for two, three days a month,” Miljkovic specifies.

    He notes that workers’ salaries have been “extremely reduced”. “We are currently receiving minimum wage, which is impermissible nowadays. We hope that this will change soon, otherwise we will have to look for another job, because we cannot make a living,”said Miljkovic.

    When it comes to workers going to work at the Slovak factory, he says this confirms that there is no work here and that “the management is trying to take workers off the payroll”.

    Izvor: N1

    Foto: Pixabay

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