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    Extremely profitable Telekom bought two more operators

    Telekom Srbija has bought two more cable operators – Radijus Vektor and AVkom, and it is negotiating with five smaller ones and it expects these acquisitions to be completed in the first quarter of this year.

    According to the Internet and Multimedia Coordinator of the Telekom Srbija Group and Director of Mtel, Vladimir Lucic, the acquisition of cable operators is a condition for the implementation of the development strategy „Million plus“, based on which they plan to reach more than one million users of television and the Internet.

    Through the acquisition, 120,000 new internet and television users were gained, who were the clients of Radijus Vektor and 18,000 of those who were the clients of AVkom.

    Asked if this acquisition could cause uproar in the public like the acquisition of Kopernikus, Lucic says that he does not know why uproar is created „only by our acquisitions, and not by those of our competitors“.

    We decided to put a full stop on Telekom lagging behind, to place it where the national operator should be, and that is the position of the leader, said Lucic, adding that Telekom is financed by its own funds.

    „We are not financing these acquisitions with public money, we have been extremely profitable for the past 10 years,“ Lucic told the Blic daily.

    As he says, when comparing all the cable operators, including SBB, Telekom has by far the highest profit, but also the largest number of employees, more than all the mobile and cable operators together.

    By purchasing cable operators, we increased the number of TV users in Serbia by more than 50% in five months, and now there are more than 700,000 of them, he said, adding that this gives the company the power to invest further into content, thus the Superstar channel was launched.

    Izvor: Politika, Blic

    Foto: Pixabay

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