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    Loan installment up to 60 percent of the salary

    As of this year, citizens who are considering loans must take into account restrictions, due to the change in the conditions for granting loans.

    On the first day of 2019, the implementation of new decisions of the National Bank of Serbia began, which refer to risk management, capital adequacy and the classification of balance sheet assets and off-balance sheet items.

    Bankers and clients should infer from this that the conditions for granting loans are changed, the Dnevnik daily reports.

    Starting from this year, cash loans will be available for a maximum of eight years, and an installment will not be able to exceed 60 percent of a salary or pension. Now it is revealed that those who earn RSD 50,000 per month will be able to borrow an amount that will not exceed the monthly installment of RSD 30,000.

    If banks fail to abide by these restrictions, they will be obliged to reduce their capital by the amount of the entire principal, i.e. its unpaid portion.

    Izvor: B92, Dnevnik

    Foto: Pixabay

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