Export of organic cereals and flour is allowed again

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    Export of organic cereals and flour is allowed again

    The export of organic cereals, wheat, corn and flour from Serbia is again allowed after the Government of Serbia accepted the requests of producers and exempted cereals of organic origin from the export ban.

    “The export of organic cereals was disabled for about a month and a half because they were registered under the uniform international tariff number of conventional cereals and oilseeds whose export was prohibited,” said Secretary General of the National Association for the Development of Organic Production “Serbia Organica”, Ivana Simic.

    She added that the decision to exempt organic products from the export ban was very significant, and since it was not in force for a long period of time, no damage was done.

    On March 10, the Serbian government adopted an amended decision on a temporary ban on the export of basic agri-food products for the purpose of food security during the war in Ukraine, exempting organic food products from the export ban.

    The Government explained this supplement to the decision by the fact that the areas where organic production takes place in Serbia are small, that this is a sector that is still being developed in Serbia and that these products are primarily intended for export, so it was estimated that the exemption from the existing ban does not jeopardize the domestic market and food security of the population.

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