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    Experts recommend: WORK LIFE to extend to 70 YEARS in Serbia

    Work life in Serbia might be extended to the age of 70, for those who want it, if the initiative for amendment of the Labour Law is adopted. This initiative was accepted by eminent experts at consultations on current issues of contemporary legislation in Budva, the „Politika“ daily reports. The proposal that employment does not have to stop with 65 years of age, as stipulated by the law, and to extend employment up to person’s 70th birthday will be sent to juridical ministries that are authorized to propose amendments of the Labour Law to the Serbian Government. The Serbian Assembly would have the final word, it is said at a consultation that ended on Friday, under organization of the Association of Jurists of Serbia and Republika Srpska. „After employee turns 65 years of age, the employer, in accordance with his or her needs, might arrange a full-time or half-time employment with the employee, or allow him to work from home or propose a different work modality,“ Vesna Stojanovic, Docent at the Faculty of Business Studies and Law, the Union University – Nikola Tesla, says fort the „Politika“ daily. „If employee would work half-time after the age of 65, another employee or a new hire could work the other half. This would enable employment of new cadre, but on the other hand it would also increase the possibility of transferring experience, knowledge and skills from older to young people,“ Vesna Stojanovic has said. New provisions on the possibility of extending employment after the age of 65 would not interfere with provisions of the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, which stipulates that old-age pension can be achieved with 65 years of age and 15 years of service. That requirement would remain unchanged in the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance as a minimum requirement.

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