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    Air Serbia CANCELS afternoon flights to London on weekends, find out until when

    Starting on Saturday, July 9, Air Serbia will suspend afternoon flights on Saturdays and Sundays to London. This decision will be valid by the end of the month, according to the national airline, due to insufficient staff at Heathrow Airport and a reduction in services.

    According to Radio-televizija Srbije (RTS), the situation at Heathrow Airport in London remains very difficult. This is due to reduced services caused by an insufficient number of workers.

    The airline was forced to cancel yesterday’s flight between Belgrade and London, and then the return flight, said the national airline.

    Due to the announcement from Heathrow Airport that the servicing of afternoon flights on weekends will not be possible in the upcoming period, Air Serbia is, as it is stated, forced to cancel afternoon flights on Saturdays and Sundays during the entire month, starting from Saturday, July 9.

    Air Serbia will have to organize today’s afternoon flight JU386 between Belgrade and London because it is conditioned by the possibility of otherwise losing its historical slot – the right to land at Heathrow at a certain time.

    Passengers on that flight will only be able to travel with carry-on baggage. The return flight from London JU387 will not be able to carry passengers, so the company is forced to cancel the flight.

    As it is pointed out, the Serbian national airline is thus put in a paradoxical situation in which it was announced to it that it would not be possible to receive and dispatch passengers, their luggage. On the other hand, there is insistence on performing the flights, even partially or completely empty.

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