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    Electricity price STABLE, Government and IMFdisagree on the price 

    Head of the Mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Jan Kees Martijnhas said that there were no conclusions in the talks with therepresentatives of the Government of Serbia on the price of electricity.
    Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali hasconfirmed that electricity price increases were discussed with the IMF Mission,but no agreement on this issue was reached.
    „We talked about the increase in the priceof electricity, but the Government and the IMF have different views onthis issue, both in terms of viability and the price level“, saidMali at a press conference at the end of a visit of the IMF Mission on theoccasion of the second revision of the current advisory arrangement.
    He added that he could not talk about how muchelectricity should increase in price because there was no concrete agreementwith the representatives of the IMF.
    Head of the Mission Jan Kees Martijn also saidthat in the talks with the representatives of the Government of Serbiathere was discussion of the price of electricity and that there were noconclusions regarding that issue.
    „This is an important issue in Serbia, aswell as in other countries,“ Martijn said, noting that the price ofelectricity must be such as to leave enough room for system maintenanceand investments, but to also allow the existence of a social aspect.
    He emphasized that „it is necessary to finda good balance between these aspects“.

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