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    „Eggs in Serbia rise in price by 30%, but they are the cheapest in the region, maybe in Europe“

    Eggs rose in price by 30% compared to last year, but there will be no new price increase before Easter, said the director of the Community of Poultry Farmers Belgrade, Rade Skoric.

    He told Radio-televizija Srbije that the big increase was due to a drastic drop in prices caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    “The eggs were in a price decline. We had a big problem due to the emergence of the coronavirus, the market was stopped when producers asked the government to remove the residual amount of eggs from the market and then the problem began because the retail price was RSD 12 to 13, while with farmers’ it was RSD 6,“ Skoric pointed out.

    He added that eggs in Serbia were the cheapest not only in the region, but perhaps in entire Europe.

    “An egg is the cheapest item when you need to get protein for breakfast or dinner and for that money there is nothing else you can do to have a quality breakfast or dinner,” said Skoric.

    According to him, Serbia has surplus eggs, quality production, good genetics, good producers and large farms, so fortunately it does not import eggs, because they are the cheapest in the region.

    “Easter is not what it used to be for producers, today no one paints 100 eggs anymore, it is symbolic celebration so it comes down to 10 to 20 eggs,” said Skorić, adding that the sale of eggs was dictated by the shops with their campaigns “where you will be able to buy an egg for RSD 1 if you also buy something else”.

    As he pointed out, before the holiday, prices could rise maybe a dinar or two, but not more than that.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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