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    Prime Minister celebrates first anniversary of high-speed railway: As if we were not in Serbia, but we are

    In Novi Sad, a year has been marked since the release of the Novi Sad – Belgrade high-speed railway, when the Soko train began to operate.

    Prime Minister Ana Brbanic arrived by train „Soko“ from Belgrade to Novi Sad, where the first anniversary of the opening for traffic of the Belgrade – Novi Sad high-speed railway was marked.

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic, Chinese Ambassador Chen Bo, representatives of the Zeleznice Srbije and the Chinese Railway International Company also traveled with the Prime Minister.

    The anniversary was marked on the platform of the Railway Station in Novi Sad.

    Brnabic said that the construction of the Belgrade – Novi Sad section, as part of the Belgrade – Budapest railway, represented not only the construction of the railway, but also a milestone in Serbia’s development.

    „Today we know that we will build a section from Novi Sad to Subotica and that we will travel to Budapest relatively soon,“ Brnabic said. She pointed out that Serbia would also construct high-speed railways to Zagreb, Ljubljana, Skopje and many other cities all the way to Italy.

    „Most often I have heard a comment when riding on the high-speed railway that people feel like they are not in Serbia, but we are in Serbia, in new Serbia,“ she said.

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