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    Drakulic will SUE Srbijasume

    The founder of the pellet production company Bioenergy Point, Zoran Drakulic, has said the company has suffered enormous damage due to Srbijasume’s delay in delivering the contracted wood and he announces a lawsuit against the state-owned company.

    „Srbijasume owes us, under the contract for last year, 21,000 cubic meters of wood, and this year the company delivered about 50 percent of the quantities that should have been delivered under the contract so far, which is about 70,000 cubic meters. That is why we are suffering enormous damage and we will probably be forced to take legal measures and sue Srbijasume,“ Drakulic told the Beta agency.

    He added that his company worked with 60 percent of its capacity due to the lack of raw materials and that because of this, costs and losses were huge.

    As he said, according to the decision of the Government of Serbia, the export of pellets is temporarily limited, so the producers of this energy product request from the Ministry of Mining and Energy to lift the ban on the export of pellets, at least for the part made of the wood purchased from private owners of wood, who sell it for about RSD 13,000 per cubic meter.

    Drakulic said that the competent ministry was also asked to limit the price of timber sold by private individuals because it was „going wild“, far exceeding the price of RSD 4,800 per cubic meter at which timber was sold by Srbijasume.

    One of the proposals to the ministry is to ban the export of wood products to the Austrian company Kronospan, which has a furniture factory in Lapovo and it buys large quantities of wood, which is why there is a shortage of this energy product on the domestic market.

    Drakulic said that theassociation of pellet producers had sent a letter with these requests to the competent ministry because it was impossible to resolve the shortage of pellets on the domestic market before the coming winter in any other way, as its price is still limited to RSD 38,000 per ton.

    He added that his company had opened two retail stores in which it sold the pellets it produced, and that it also delivered them to other retailers.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: KBF

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