Does Serbia know that today is the World Day for Decent Work?

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    Does Serbia know that today is the World Day for Decent Work?

    The United Trade Unions “Sloga”, on the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work, celebrated on October 7th, evaluate that there is no decent work in Serbia, since the current minimum wage, received by two thirds of employees, does not cover the basis for mere survival, let alone life worthy of a man.

    “If we add lack of power of state institutions that should protect rights of employees and their work, as they are often connected with corruption, nepotism and particracy, we reach the conclusion that decent work is nothing but a thought for Serbian citizens, while the current Government uses new job openings with cheap labour as a strong instrument for maintaining power,” “Sloga” points out in the official statement.

    “Sloga” reports that in a country such as Serbia there is a very strong and close connection between employment, government and politics.

    “The current Government is the one that autocratically refused any logic of decent work in the last couple of years, on the insistence of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other bank

    institutions, using various amendments of the law and regulations in favour of high finance, thus turning it into an illusion and a mere, meaningless empty phrase,” it is added in the statement.

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