"Do not be SURPRISED if CSO PENALIZES you in a cafe"

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    “Do not be SURPRISED if CSO PENALIZES you in a cafe”

    Epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff, Dr. Predrag Kon, has said that protective masks should be worn in cafe gardens as well, until drinks are consumed.

    However, as he said in the TV show “Osvrt” on B92 TV, it is a common occurrence that recommendations are perceived as optional.

    “This must be talked about, but it must be clear to people. We have learned one more thing, when we say that something is recommended, it is as if people were told not to use it, this is an obligation. People should not be surprised if a community service officer approaches them in a cafe garden and penalizes them,” Dr. Kon pointed out.

    He added that Serbia was on the right path and that it was without a doubt “slowly getting out of this situation”, and that our country was currently doing well due to immunization.

    Speaking about shopping malls and their opening, Dr. Kon said that the medical members of the Crisis Staff were not in favour of them being opened immediately on Monday.

    Izvor: B92, Agencije

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