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    Djedovic: Sufficient quantities of gas provided

    Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia Dubravka Djedovic has said in a conversation with the representatives of public companies in the field of energy that sufficient quantities of gas have been provided and that the priority task is to ensure continuous production of electricity and to find ways to save energy, but so that the needs of citizens and the Serbian economy are met.

    “Our common task is to do everything to ensure energy security for our citizens and the economy. That is why we are here today to discuss strategic projects, activities and responsibilities of all the active participants in the energy sector,“Djedovic said.

    Bearing in mind the current situation with energy products at the global level, Djedovic pointed out that it was important to sum up the situation in public companies, make plans for the next period and anticipate possible problems.

    Izvor: BIZLIfe

    Foto: Beta/Vlada Srbije/Slobodan Miljević

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