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    DIRECTORS in a Serbian town roll up their sleeves because there are NO workers

    As the ban on employment in public companies and institutions is still in force in Prokuplje, and many long-term, highly specialized employees have been retired, many companies have problems with workforce. This situation has been particularly pronounced in cultural and healthcare institutions. For example, the National Museum of Toplica only has an art historian, since it no longer has ethnologists, archaeologists, conservationists, and the only historian is currently the director of the institution. Therefore, the museum does not have the staff with the necessary expertise and abilities, although it covers all four municipalities in the Toplica District, reports „Prokuplje na dlanu“. „The plan and program of the operation of the institution includes the recruitment of the necessary professional staff and the report was adopted by the local assembly, but as the employment ban is still in place we are not able to announce calls for application. We hope that the situation will change from the New Year,“ said the director of the National Museum of Toplica, Darko Zaric. He adds that now, apart from an art historian, this institution has no specialized and necessary employees. The situation is similar in the Rade Drainac National Library, where, except for director Dragan Ognjanovic, there is no expert, for example, for literary evenings. Thus, the directors had to roll up their sleeves and, in addition to organizational tasks, also do the rest. Unfortunately, the situation is similar in other companies and institutions. For example, there is a lack of internists and other specialists in Prokuplje hospital that covers all four municipalities in the Toplica District.

    Izvor: Prokuplje na dlanu

    Foto: Pixabay

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