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    Delta Holding will build another hotel in Ljubljana

    Delta Holding announced today the purchase of a site for the construction of the Holiday Inn hotel in Ljubljana, and the start of the construction is expected after the completion of the legal administrative procedures that are in process.

    Director of the company Delta Real Estate, Zorana Zdrale Burlic, told reporters that the Intercontinental Hotel, which was opened by the company in September 2017 in Slovenia, „is doing excellent business“ and that they „have excellent“ cooperation with the competent institutions in Ljubljana.

    „We are finalizing three major projects, we are opening Delta Planet in Banja Luka on March 21, Delta Planet in Varna on March 28 and Indigo Hotel in Belgrade at the end of the year,“ said Zdrale Burlic.

    Izvor: BIZLife/Beta

    Foto: BIZLife

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