Chinese are the BIGGEST SERBIAN exporters

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    Chinese are the BIGGEST SERBIAN exporters

    The value of the export of top 15 biggest exporters in Serbia in the first nine months this year was 4.4 billion euros, and the biggest exporters are Zijin Bor Copper, whose export amounted to 626.9 million, and the owner of the Smederevo-based steel producer HBIS Group, with the export worth 619.6 million euros, the Ministry of Finance announced.

    Naftna industrija Srbije (NIS) with the export of EUR 395.5 million is ranked third, while ranked fourth is Pirot-based Tigar Tyres, whose export was 356.1 million euros.

    Henkel Serbia is ranked fifth on the list of the biggest exporters with export worth 301.2 million euros.

    They are followed by Leoni based in Prokuplje with export worth 283 million euros, Yura based in Raca with 262.1 million euros, FCA Serbia with 255.7 million euros, Grundfos based in Indjija with 200.6 million euros.

    Some of the biggest exporters are Petrohemija, whose export amounted to 193.6 million euros, Robert Bosch with 190.5 million euros, Zijin Mining in Brestovac with 179 million euros, Hemofarm in Vrsac with 175.8 million euros, Filip Morris based in Nis with 169 million euros and ZF in Pancevo with 168.1 million euros.


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