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    Chairman of RTS BoD: Salaries can be increased without increasing TV subscription fee

    In Radio-televizija Srbije, there is room for salary increases even with this level of subscription fee, claims chairman of the BoD of the public broadcaster, Branislav Klanscek.

    Klanscek confirmed that he told the trade unions that the RTS BoD „will not ask for an increase in the subscription fee“, adding that with this level of fees there was also room for an increase in salaries.

    This increase, as he explained, could be achieved with a more responsible redistribution of funds, with fewer external and independent productions, interruption of financing of non-existent shows, greater engagement of employees in the production of programs and the abolition of the so-called „variable“.

    He confirmed that the proposal of the representative trade unions to increase salaries was not accepted, which is why the trade unions also initiated proceedings at the Agency for the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes.

    Izvor: RTS

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