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    CENSUS in October: These questions will be posed to citizens FOR THE FIRST TIME

    The census in Serbia  will be conducted from October 1 to 31 this year, and several novelties will be introduced, of which the most important is that for the first time in the census there will be electronic questionnaires, instead of paper ones.

    This year, citizens will also be asked several new issues, which were not on previous lists.

    Assistant Director of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia for the Sector of Social Statistics, Snezana Lakcevic, has told BIZLife that the novelty this year will be that the field realization of the census will last for a month for the first time, unlike earlier practice when the census lasted for two weeks.

    One of the novelties also refers to the question for the citizens of Serbia who have lived abroad for a year or longer.

    „The goal is to see which countries our citizens go to most often, in which period and how long they stay on average,“ explained Snezana Lakcevic.

    A novelty also refers to the number of children.

    “In the previous censuses, we only asked women how many children they gave birth to, and, at the request of surveyors, we will ask men about the number of biological children,“ the interviewee points out.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

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