CEFTA could lose Kosovo?

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    CEFTA could lose Kosovo?

    For two days, the authorities in Pristina have been applying a protective 30% duty tariff on the import of certain fruits, vegetables and corn, which Serbian Minister of Trade, Rasim Ljajic, sees as Kosovo’s de facto exit from CEFTA.

    Since the protective duty tariff applies to all trading partners, the ministers of trade of Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will demand a reaction of CEFTA and the European Commission.

    “This is actually a de facto exit from CEFTA, regarding interim institutions in Pristina. A little time goes by, and they introduce a new non-tariff barrier, sometimes towards one country, sometimes towards another, and now towards all the countries in the region,” Ljajic said.

    He says that Belgrade wants to know the answer to the question whether the interim institutions in Pristina are part of CEFTA or not.

    “Certainly, our pressure on the European Commission will be permanent, because this behaviour has to stop or Pristina has to formally leave CEFTA. I think it is more honest than using the benefits in this manner, and whenever they want, they introduce new non-tariff barriers towards the partners,” Ljajic pointed out.

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