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    Business premises reflect company culture

    High-quality work environment encourages employee productivity and optimism, and in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to adapt it to people who use it on a daily basis. New technologies have brought a better approach to work and with thoughtful organization, the equipping of office space conducted by experts contributes to better work of employees, saves space, but also brings financial benefits.

    Vera Lukic, Senior Project Manager at CBS International real estate consultancy which is part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group, explained how the workspace can bring better communication between employees, but also improve their business.

    • Thanks to many years of experience, listening to clients’ needs when going to the field, joint meetings and workshops, we know what to do with office space in order to reach the solution that suits the employers’ needs for the most optimal amount. The biggest advantage in working with our team is that we have experience with the specificities of architecture and the dynamics of business premises, we share knowledge with the client, thus even without the slightest knowledge of design they can easily understand what we are doing at all times, but also have insight into all deadlines and potential risks. We are trying to create company culture through architecture because our goal is to stimulate the work of employees and their interaction by changing the design of space, said Vera and continued:
    • Our service of organization, design and furnishing of space, as well as the management of the process, is applied when choosing new business premises for a client that is just entering a market, as well as the clients moving from the old into new premises, but mostly with clients who have the need to reorganize the existing space. In recent years, international companies have had greater awareness of the need to hire project managers, knowing that such process speeds up and facilitates work, that is, enables them to smoothly deal with their current activities. However, it is positive that local employers are becoming more educated in this segment in recent years, said Vera and continued with the story on the different challenges she faces in business.
    • Our task is also to listen to employees’ needs and understand the vision of the company, but also to create new patterns of behaviour through the design of the interior. At the very beginning, we like to set up a team composed of company representatives from different sectors and representatives of our team, so that we can all create the best product together. We define the values ​​and we come up with guidelines for how to implement these values ​​in the space. Potential challenges arise when, during the process, after the approved and adopted solution, client wishes to change the design, with the expectation that the pace and the budget remain unchanged. Even in such situations, we try to find the most optimal solution within the budget that is optimal for the client, trying to ensure that the solution does not overstep the planned dynamics. We are a team that enjoys challenges and when we place the entire process in timeframes, planned design and preparations for it, from procurement to the execution of works, we minimize the risks that could jeopardize the deadlines and the outcome, Vera asserts.

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