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    Bank advertising under control of the National Bank of Serbia

    The National Bank of Serbia intends to monitor advertising activities of banks in future, whether their advertisements are accurate, decent and whether they insult customers or competition.

    Namely, during previous control of new products the National Bank of Serbia will explicitly demand that banks deliver advertising messages, i.e. description of the advertising campaign, in order to evaluate whether they are in compliance with the decision regulating standards and rules.

    Furthermore, the central bank will react with measures under its jurisdiction should it determines any type of irregularity.

    This means that, for example, banks will no longer be able to say „we are the best, we offer best deals, we are the safest place for your savings, etc.“

    In the future there will be no ads about loans with zero percent interest, unless the bank indeed advertises a loan without any type of accompanying costs.

    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

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