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    Ana Brnabić, investicije Srbija

    Brnabic asks trade unions for proposals for salary solutions

    Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has said in a conversation with the representatives of the Association of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia (SSSS) that it is necessary for them to send her proposals in order to jointly reach a solution to current problems, the Government said.

    The representatives of several trade unions presented to the Prime Minister the problems of workers in Serbia, the most important being salaries.

    According to the statement, the interlocutors noted that salaries were raised during the current year and that the unemployment rate was significantly reduced, but that the lack of qualified personnel in some areas was an obstacle that should be solved soon.

    Brnabic told the trade unions that the ministers would be further involved in the work of the Socio-Economic Council, and that dialogue was the only and best way to solve all problems, and that she was fully ready to talk.

    The meeting in the Government of Serbia was attended by ministers of finance and labour, Sinisa Mali and Nikola Selakovic.

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