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    BIZLife „30 under 30“ list: Tamara Pusica, Sales Manager, Prime Home

    Although she was supposed to follow in her father’s footsteps and make a career as a dentist, Tamara decided to do something else. She started her career as a real estate agent at the age of 19 in the company „Magnat“, a well-known Belgrade based real estate agency with the longest history. She spent a full five years in it and learned all the main postulates of this business.

    „I will never forget the moment of selling the first apartment, which happened after six months and a huge number of lookups, meetings with customers, negotiations, lunches, emails, rainy days, worn-out shoes, but most of all faith in yourself,“ Tamara said.

    She worked at „Magnat“ for full five years. After that, she worked briefly in a German real estate company, and at the age of 25 she started working independently in the newly established agency „Prime Home“. From sales, through administration to marketing and customer management. She says that what stimulates her fighting spirit is to be victorious every time she „goes out on the field“.

    Why did you decide to stay in Serbia?

    Because, above all else, I love Serbia. Because I was born in Belgrade. Because I think that all young people should stay here, as everyone should fight as much as they know and believe in their success.

    What did you want to be when you were little?

    As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. To explore the unknown, to be a member of a spaceship and sleep in outer space.

    Favourite school subject?

    Mathematics. The effort is always worthwhile, and the calculation is balanced on both the left and the right side.

    Business role model?

    Jeff Bezos. His faith in himself and his business journey definitely inspire me.

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