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    #BIZKOLEGIJUM: How HR „swims“ in the pandemic and what 2021 brings (PHOTO)

    The human resources function has proven to be one of the very important factors in adapting businesses to the new circumstances brought by the pandemic.

    Human resource managers in companies should see and recognize the changes that are currently happening, learn a lesson from everything and finally plan how to use it to help employees get back to normal life and workflows.

    The HR management faced a number of challenges in 2020. Among the first is certainly a different work organization, which implies that a large number of people started working from home, although before the pandemic this was considered an advantage provided to employees by rare companies.

    In this regard, many human resource managers have faced challenges caused by diversity. Namely, the same work model does not suit everyone, which meant that approaches had to be personalized and adjusted to all employees.

    It was also necessary to adjust the process of hiring new staff. Apart from being more technically demanding, during the coronavirus crisis it was necessary to hire people who could be trusted and who took their work tasks seriously, and online communication made this process even more difficult for HR managers.

    Therefore, the media house BIZlife organized the second „Bi kolegijum“ on the topic of HR strategies and challenges that 2020 brought.

    Participants in the second „BIZ Collegium“ are Bojana Zizovic, Director of the Human Resources Department at Delta Agrar Group, Natalija Pesic, Head of HR at Vip mobile, Jelena Sribar, Human Resources Director at Mercator-S and Katarina Sonjic, Educator, Maker, Organizer, Writing thoughts at

    The participants were also addressed by the Director of the BIZlife media company, Danica Stupar, and you can also see in the photos how the „BIZkolegijum“ went.

    The final CEO „BIZkolegijum“ in 2020 will gather the leaders of Serbian companies who will present their views at the end of a challenging year.


    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: BIZLife

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