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    Believe it or not: Worker from Leskovac GETS APARTMENT from privately owned company

    At the time of the coronavirus pandemic, when some of the workers in Serbia lose their jobs and when everyone is afraid that they will suffer the same fate, on the day of his birthday, a worker from Leskovac got an apartment as a gift from his employer, comfortable enough for his family of four.

    The apartment is, in fact, a gift for 20 years of dedicated work in a privately owned company.

    The company is called Metla komerc, and it is based in Leskovac, owned by two brothers, and the lucky worker is Ivan Jovanovic from the village of Vinarce near Leskovac, to whom the keys were handed over on December 17, the day he was born 43 years ago.

    „Trust me, I still think I am dreaming. I was so surprised and shocked that I was speechless for a moment,“ this young man told Jugmedia.

    Continuing the story about the valuable gift, he says that the two owners literally „tricked“ him.

    „Since it was my birthday, I expected someone would remember it in the company, congratulate me or buy me, as before, some small gift, and in turn, I would buy a treat, like every year. However, that did not happen. It was strange. At one point, the owners called me on the phone, wished me a happy birthday and told me that I should buy everyone a treat. I agreed, of course. We chose the Gros restaurant, but while driving on the way there, at the roundabout, they stopped the car and said that we should stop by a building where something was being renovated.“

    They stopped by, watched, talked to the workers, while Ivan was listening. They entered an apartment whose renovation had just been completed.

    “And then the owners asked me if I liked the apartment, and what I thought of it. I looked, I saw there was a living room and a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, everything well designed, new, a beautiful view, so I said that it was – beautiful.“

    According to the portal, he was then told that it was his apartment.

    „I think the explanation for this incredible act would be that I have probably met their expectations in these 20 years of service. I worked all possible jobs, first as a handler, then as a driver, then as a seller and supplier, and now I am in logistics where I am in charge of a set of activities. I am completely dedicated to my job, and that company has become my second home,“ explains this man from Leskovac.

    The owners of the Leskovac-based company, as it is stated, do not like media attention, but they are young people who took over the business that their father launched in 1990.

    Izvor: Jugmedia

    Foto: Pixabay

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